Current server time: 2015-05-25 @15:11:14
Last census: 2015-05-25 @15:05:00
Alliance: 183 | Horde: 108

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Data collection began 14th April, 2013 at 7:00am server time. Data is collected using the CensusPlus addon at (around) the top of every hour.

The graphs on the right represent the last 7 days of activity. If you want totals from the start (April 2013), click Total in the respective header. The Now option will show data from the last hour's census (not real time -- updates at about 10 minutes past the hour). Hovering over the red/blue bars will give you the value per faction in any graph.

Use the search form above if you want more specific information. For example, this search will show you everyone who was online when the last hourly census was taken (at the start of the last hour). This will tell you how many level 60's haven't been online in over two weeks. This returns active (online in the last week) level 60 Alliance Warlocks. Partial searches are acceptable ("bob" will return bob, bobb, and thebobb), and the results table is sortable.

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